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Author's note 自序

I set up my jewellery business in 2000. The jewellery business is a happy business. Everyone who walks into a jewellery shop has a joyous occasion to celebrate or has a wish to add some glamour and sparkle to their own lives. Jewellery is a blessing; and it encompasses life, art, culture, love and heritage. It also offers a great motivational force: to make us strive harder, to work harder and to earn more money so that we can buy our own precious pieces. It also inspires us to take care of our appearances so we can improve ourselves inside and out.

I’m very glad that I was able to join this industry. From the time my jewellery business started in 2000, I have received my customers’ trust, my friends’ support, and the industry’s encouragement. The journey has been one of continuous learning, and I am a firm believer of the maxim to conduct your business with honesty and professionalism, to be helpful and true to your customers.

A Diamond Life has been the biggest challenge in my career. Even though I have released more than 30 albums and several books, the time spent on this book is a marked increase from those other projects. Actually, I do not play any musical instruments, nor do I know how to compose songs. Making those albums was easy. Before you go into the studio, you just have to listen to the music a few times, sing the tune once or twice and you’re ready. The rest of the work is done by the producer and other studio staff. All I had to do was make sure I sang the song well. Of course I enjoyed it, but that represents just the first half of my career.

My love for jewellery was ignited over 10 years ago. Until now and as far into the future as I can see, my life will forever be intertwined with the world of jewellery and be illuminated by it. When I first thought of naming this book A Diamond Life , some friends thought it sounded too spiritual and suggested me to find something that was more reflective of the subject matter. But I thought A Diamond Life was the most suitable. People with diamonds all want a better life. Diamond has positive energy. Its connotation forms a role model for all of us: diamond is the strongest and hardest substance in the world. In the same way, we should have unwavering faith, confidence and perseverance. A diamond yields to nothing and yet still be a source of light for other gems. Isn’t this what we all need in our lives?

When you feel the zen of diamonds, you will start to appreciate the world of jewellery. Open this book and let diamonds become a part of your life. Enjoy!

二千年,我成立個人品牌珠寶店,珠寶業是一個開心的行業,每位進入珠寶店的客人都為喜事而來,又或希望自己變得更加光芒亮麗。珠寶是一種祝福,它蘊含著生命、 藝術、文化、愛意、傳承。它更有著一個很好的「功能」,就是讓人更有上進心,努力工作,儲錢購買屬於自己的珠寶。也為了使珠寶 在身上展現更耀眼光芒,便會努力保養,特別注重化妝衣著打扮,讓你從內而外都全面提升。

非常慶幸我能加入這一個開心華麗的行業,從2000年我的珠寶店開業至今,我得到很多客人的信任,業界友好的支持、鼓勵。從工作體 驗中不斷鑽研學習,我深信「誠信為本、專注為務、與人為善、以客為尊」。推出這本珠寶書《鑽石人生》,是目前為止給我最大考驗 的一個產品。相比起以往出版過的30多張唱片,又或書籍,這本書用上的時間是倍數算的。事實上,我本身不懂樂器,也不是作曲家, 當年錄製唱片時,是挺輕鬆的。錄音前,聽一下音樂,跟著唱幾遍便可以了,因為其他工作都有唱片監製及工作人員代勞,我只要專心 把歌唱好便是了。當然我也曾經樂在其中,它就是我的前半生。

打從十多年前開始喜歡珠寶,到現階段,甚至未來,我的人生都與鑽石結下不解之緣,且因鑽石而燃點發亮。當初我為這本書改名的時 候,有朋友認為《鑽石人生》的書名太像心靈書籍,建議另改比較貼題的書名,但我認為《鑽石人生》就是最適合的。擁有鑽石的人, 都希望有一個美好的人生,這是一定的。鑽石有著正能量,它的內涵,正好為我們人生作一個楷模,鑽石是世界上最堅固的,硬度最高 的,代表著我們處事要有堅固心、有信心、有毅力,鑽石能「當仁不讓」地成為一件首飾的主角,也可以「你大我小」地為其他寶石加 添光芒。這不正就是我們生活中所需的嗎?

Cally K